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Claiming a DC Lottery Prize

Finding Out the Winning Numbers

Winning numbers for DC 3, DC-4, DC 5, Race2Riches, Hot Lotto, Powerball, Mega Millions and draw schedules can be verified in three different ways.

  1. Check it out on the web at 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. Using a touch tone telephone, call the Lot-line at (202) 678-3333 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  3. Take your ticket to a licensed DC Lottery retailer to determine if it is a winning ticket

Radio/TV Stations broadcasts

Station Drawing Times
News Channel 8

Monday - Sunday 8:15 pm
Wednesday and Saturday Mid Day Drawing  10:59 pm
Wednesday and Saturday Hot Lotto® Results  11:20 pm

WMMJ 102.3 FM Monday - Sunday 8:35 pm
Monday - Sunday Mid-Day Drawing - 2:20 pm
WOL 1450 AM Monday - Sunday 8:42 pm
Monday - Sunday Mid-Day Drawing - 2:14 pm

Claiming a Prize

  • Please visit the DC claim prize area for instructions on claiming your DC Lottery prize.
  • All prizes must be claimed within 180 days from the date of the drawing, 180 days from the official close of an instant "scratch" ticket game or a lesser period authorized by the Executive Director for bonus games or drawings. Unclaimed prizes are transferred to the to the General Fund of the District of Columbia.
  • In the District of Columbia, specific lottery winner information is public record.
  • In the event that the original prize winner is no longer living, lottery winnings are payable to the winner's designated beneficiary or estate. In some cases, for the POWERBALL® game, the estate may petition the DC Lottery's Executive Director for the acceleration and lump sum payment of the remaining prize amount at current market value.

Sharing a Prize

Prizes won on a single DC Lottery ticket are paid to a single legal entity. That entity may be one individual or one organization.  However, there may be more than one jackpot ticket. In those cases, winners share prizes equally.

Loss of Winning Ticket

The DC Lottery is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets. You should sign the back of your ticket in ink and take appropriate measures to safeguard it.  Unless signed, anyone in possession of the ticket may file a claim.


Paying Taxes on Prizes

Federal Taxes

DC Lottery winnings paid to residents of other jurisdictions may be subject to Federal income taxes and to state and local taxes, depending on the requirements of the resident jurisdiction. Lottery winnings of $600 or more are reported to the Internal Revenue Service in accordance with Federal regulations.

For winnings of more than $5,000, the DC Lottery withholds 25 percent of lottery winnings for Federal income taxes. Federal tax withholding rates are subject to change in accordance with Internal Revenue Service regulations.

District Taxes

DC Lottery winnings paid to DC residents may be subject to District of Columbia (“District”) taxes, depending on winnings. Lottery winnings that exceed $600 are reported to the District Office of Tax and Revenue in accordance with District regulations. For winnings of more than $5,000 the DC Lottery withholds 8.5 percent of lottery winnings for District income taxes. District tax withholding rates are subject to change in accordance with DC Tax and Revenue regulations and District Law.

Non-District Residents

DC Lottery winnings paid to non-DC residents of more than $5,000 may be subject to Federal income taxes and to state and local taxes depending on the requirements of the resident jurisdiction.

Foreign Persons

DC Lottery winnings paid to a foreign person are subject to 30 percent withholding under sections 1441(a) and 1442(a) of the Internal Revenue Code and are reportable to the Internal Revenue Service.

Amount of Taxes

All lottery winnings are considered income and as such are taxed according to the applicable Federal, District, state and local laws. The lottery cannot estimate your tax responsibility or answer questions about Federal, District, state or local exemptions or tax calculations. You may want to consult a tax professional, government tax office, financial advisor or other appropriate professional for answers to your tax questions.

Deductions Withheld

Possibly. If you owe delinquent child support payments, the DCLottery may be required to withhold the amount owed. The DC Lottery provides a direct linkage to the District of Columbia Child Support Enforcement Division. Child Support taken from your lottery winnings is for monies owed pursuant to a court order and is not refundable.

If you feel deductions from your winnings were erroneously taken, please contact the DC Child Support Enforcement Division at (202) 442-9900.

IRS Form W-2G

The DC Lottery issues a W-2G at the same time it issues a check for a lottery winning of $600.00 or more. To obtain an additional copy of your form, please contact us and specify that you would like to request a copy of IRS Form W-2G and the DC Lottery's Office of Financial Services will process your request.